Welcome to MG Drugs Consultancy.

MG Drugs Consultancy offers a unique range of specialist services tailored towards live events and festivals.


I can provide a Single Point of Contact for Festivals and Events that are serious about minimising the risks associated with Drug Use & Supply.


MG Drugs Consultancy has extensive experience working with and alongside Events Management, Police, Security, Health & Safety, Welfare and Medical Teams.


Collectively we support these personnel in a number of ways intrinsic to promoting harm reduction and reducing the supply of drugs at events including:


* Assisting in identifying those suspected to be involved in the supply of drugs.


* Regular communication between the agencies under shared protocol agreements and updates as to what drugs are present at the event and any trends, concerns.


* Supporting Welfare and Medical staff with persons experiencing problems from substance use in a number of ways.


* We are also able to facilitate FOH/BOH substance testing using BRUKER machines subject to agreements and policies being in place between all relevant parties.


With a wide range of services to choose from, we can tailor these to your events needs.




We also offer Bespoke Classroom based training and Field based training programmes in many areas including:


Drug Awareness

Drug Recognition

Harm Minimisation

Searching Techniques

Concealment Techniques

Drug Supply Disruption


I am also able to provide Bespoke Classroom or Field based training programmes that focus on improving the knowledge and awareness of personnel including Security, Welfare and Volunteers in order to equip them further to manage situations related to drug use and supply.


As a fully qualified experienced professional I will provide you with expert guidance.


We're looking forward to working with you!

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